stylists in action: kacie roseboro

January 17, 2012 Samantha Lemieux No Comments

Do you remember Kacie Roseboro from the first time we mentioned her in a style watch post? Of course you do, she’s the girl always dressing fierce hair to heels (usually with something she’s made herself) who spends most of her time attached to a sewing machine, putting in long hours to complete her senior collection. Her pieces are coming along fabulously, as you can see in the sketches below.


Awe-provoking and dreamy boho silhouettes, prints inspired by underwater life, feathers, turtle shell purses, handmade jewelry, and of course, a pair of Litas make up the wild collection of creativity known as “Currents Texture”. Inspired by the mysterious blue ocean and the 1970′s.


Each piece tells a story and stands out on its own while still syncing with the rest of the garments. Here’s sketches from Kacie’s senior collection.




I can’t wait to see more exciting things happen for Kacie!

Check out Kacie’s website here


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